Welcome to Qualey Granite & Quartz.


Meet Merle!

Foster Kitty Merle has come a long way in the 1 1/2 months since he came to live with us. From a tiny, blind kitten who was too sick to eat, he has transformed into a happy, healthy kitty who has almost tripled in size has nearly clear eyes, and has lots of fun with his doggy friends!
We're happy to announce that Merle will be with us for a bit longer...hopefully 15-20 years or so...as he joins the Qualey family as a permanent member! As always, a HUGE thank you to the Bangor Humane Society for all the lives they save! Rescue Pets Rock!!

New Friends!

We've got some new family members! Eddie is a Min Pin mix, rescued from a high-kill shelter in California. He's all bounces, wiggles, and puppy kisses!

We also have two new feral cats, adopted through the Bangor Humane Society's "Barn Buddies" program. Kitty Soft Paws and Puss in Boots (named by our 4 year old nephew!) now have plenty to eat and a safe home! You might catch a peek of them roaming through our Veazie facility, but they aren't the friendliest kitties!

New! Rescue PETS Rock!

Rescue Pets Rock!HannibalTeddy!Rescue Pets Rock Mugs
In honor of shop cat, Hannibal, we have a new logo for our charity branch!

Mugs and T-shirts are available now!

All proceeds go directly to the Bangor Humane Society!

Rescue Dogs Rock!

Rescue Dogs Rock!Gaius and Penelope with CambiIntroducing--Baron!Rescue Dogs Rock!New Rescue Dogs Rock Bumper Stickers are Here!Mugs and Bumper Stickers Now in Stock!
After the death of our beloved Chihuahua Piper in Spring of 2011, Qualey Granite & Quartz decided to form our Rescue Dogs Rock! charity branch to support local animal rescue groups.
We are so proud to have given over $30,000 in donations to great organizations like the Bangor Humane Society, Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue, the Conway Area Humane Society, The Hancock SPCA & the Bucksport Animal Shelter!