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Color Family *New Arrivals I*
Material Granite
Country of Origin Brazil, India
Location 1506 State St. Veazie, ME
Acqua Venato Brushed combines the appearance of classic marble with the durability of granite.

Large smoky quartz crystals set Bianco Antico apart.

Cayman contains black obsidian crystals in a cream and gold background.

Large garnets stand out against a creamy background in Colonial Gold granite.

Our new pale green Costa Esmeralda slabs are not only beautiful but also affordable.

Vibrant crimson and striking copper tones make Juparana Fire a real standout.
Color Family *New Arrivals II*
Material Granite, Quartzite
Country of Origin Brazil, India
Location Qualey Granite & Quartz
Lacivita Gold contains areas of gold, cream, and grey with a sprinkling of deep red garnets.

The warm tones and greys of Lapidus Gold will look great in a variety of kitchens.

Our Magma slabs are "butterflied" meaning we can do extremely long runs without pattern disruption.

Our new Marinace slabs contain a variety of different colored stones.

Our latest Mascarello slabs are truly unique with greys, golds, creams, and pale greens.

Montebelllo quartzite is a milky white stone with subtle veining.
Color Family *New Arrivals III*
Material Granite, Marble
Country of Origin Brazil, India
Location 1506 State St, Veazie, Maine
Ice Brown has an intricate pattern of smoky and brown quartz crystals.

Unique Pompeii Bordeaux has bands of cream, grey, gold, and green.

Portofino granite has green and brown elements in a large pattern.

Striking Rainforest Brown marble would be perfect as a slab shower of fireplace surround.

The deep verdant tones of Rainforest Green give this marble its name.
Color Family *New Arrivals IV*
Material Granite, Silestone
Country of Origin Brazil, Spain
Location Route 2 just north of Bangor
Our Sierra Moreno slabs would look great in a kitchen with a large island or peninsula.

St. Cecelia Light is a great option to brighten up a budget kitchen.

The rich gold tones of Sunflower granite will add cheer and warmth to any room.

Our newest Yellow River slabs have a serene feel with less tonal differences than other lots.

Mahogany Silestone is a good alternative to Dakota Mahogany granite for those who want the lower maintenance option of quartz.
Color Family Antique Finish Granites
Color Name Pine Green, Cambrian, Jet Mist
Material Granite
Country of Origin Canada, United States, Brazil
Location 1506 State St, Veazie, Maine
Antiqued stones have a matte finish and a subtle texture.

Pine Green Antique is a soft green granite with a traditional grain pattern.

Cambrian Black Antique looks similar to slate but is much more durable.

Jet Mist Antique is a granite that closely resembles soapstone but requires much less maintenance.

Laurentian Antique is a dark stone with a slight texture and regular pattern. This Canadian stone is one of the least expensive granites with an Antique finish.
Color Family Beige and Cream
Color Name St Cecelia, Ornamental, more
Material Granite
Country of Origin India, Brazil,
Location 1506 State St., Bangor, Maine
Delicatus Romano is a cream-colored granite from Brazil. Cheerful gold and grey areas combine to create a warm and inviting stone.

Desert Sun is a striated granite with a gentle rolling pattern. The sprinkling of ruby-red garnets in a cream background really makes this stone stand out. This granite is also known as Colonial Gold.

Our latest Ornamental slabs are among the nicest we've ever seen! This Brazilian Stone, also called Giallo Ornamental, looks great with medium or dark wood cabinets.

St. Cecelia Light is a cream based granite with yellow and grey tones accented with beautiful deep-red garnets. This entry-priced stone will brighten any kitchen.

Ghibli is a beige stone with grey undertones. The gentle wave pattern creates a serene feel.
Color Family Black
Color Name Absolue Polished & Honed
Material Granite
Country of Origin India
Location 1506 State St, 04401
Absolute Black is an almost solid, glossy black granite. Found in both South Africa and India, this stone looks great in a contemporary kitchen.

Honed Black Granite is perfect for a classic kitchen. The honing process gives this granite the look of slate at a much lower cost.
Color Family Black with Movement
Color Name Amadeus, Silver Dragon, Star
Material Granite
Country of Origin Finland, Brazil, Ukraine
Location Qualey Granite & Quartz Maine
Amadeus from Finland combines an exotic blend of green, black, white, and purple in a flowing pattern. This remarkable stone must be seen in person to appreciate its unique beauty.

Brown, gold, and white elements make Cosmic Black the perfect granite for a warm-toned kitchen.

Volga Blue from the Ukraine is a dark granite with brilliant peacock iridescence.

Silver Star is a black and silver stone from Brazil on sale for just $49/sf. We only have two slabs left, so hurry in to take advantage of this great offer!
Color Family Blue, Silver
Color Name Amphitrite, Blue Pearl, others
Material Granite
Country of Origin Norway, Brazil, India
Location 1506 State Street, Veazie, ME
Amphitrite Blue is a stunning granite with elements of white, black, pale blue, and navy. This exotic stone will add a subtle splash of color to your kitchen.

Azul Platino is a small-grained silvery blue, black, and white granite. The subtle sparkles of this Brazilian Stone set it apart.

Blue Pearl is a beautiful Norwegian stone with a high degree of iridescence. Our GT slabs are a stunning deep blue.

Blue Bahia is a super-exotic stone from Brazil. The vibrant blue tones of this stone make it truly remarkable.

Bahama Blue has blue and purple striations with a sprinkling of red garnets for a unique color combination.
Color Family Brown
Color Name Baltic, Cranberry, others
Material Granite
Country of Origin Finland, India, US, Brazil
Location Qualey Granite, Veazie, Maine
Baltic Brown is a traditional Finnish granite with warm caramel tones.

Cranberry Brown is a dark stone with a black background and reddish-brown elements. This Indian granite is a popular choice for a cherry kitchen. This stone is also sometimes called Tan Brown--although it contains no tan

Coffee Brown looks similar to Cranberry Brown but has smaller crystals. This granite looks great in a kitchen with a lot of light.

Although it is called Antique Brown, this Canadian stone is actually highly polished. This very dark brown granite has large areas of spectacular iridescence.
Color Family Conglomerates--Riverbeds
Color Name Jurassic, Marinace Gold Black
Material Granite
Country of Origin Africa, Brazil
Location 1506 State St., Veazie, Maine
Conglomerates are exotic sedimentary stones that were formed from ancient river beds compressed by heat and pressure over huge expanses of time.

Jurassic is one of the most intriguing of the granites. Its large round stones create an exotic pattern in a soft green background. This African granite looks amazing in kitchens with large islands. Our huge slabs are of the highest quality and were processed in Italy.

Every slab of this fascinating stone is unique--no two Green Marinace kitchens are the same! With round granites of all sizes and colors interspersed throughout a dark green background, our Verde Mariance will create an instant conversation piece. This stone must be seen in person!

Our striking Black Marinace slabs are the most beautiful we've ever seen! This stone is perfect for a modern kitchen.

Rare Gold Marinace combines warm yellow tones with greys, browns, and black for a truly unique look.
Color Family Gold and Copper
Color Name Copper Canyon, Vincenza
Material Granite
Country of Origin Brazil
Location 1506 State St, Veazier, Maine
The vibrant tones of Copper Canyon will make any kitchen cheerful and bright.

The rich colors of Brazilian Giallo Vincenza granite contrast nicely with the black elements in this stone.

St. Cecelia Classic has a warm yellow base with white, black, grey, and garnet accents.

Brazilian Giallo Fiorito granite is characterized by its rich copper tones and unique geometric crystal pattern.

Juparana Wave lives up to its name with striking copper waves in a light grey backdrop.
Color Family Gold with Movement
Color Name Crema Mara, Giallita, others
Material Granite
Country of Origin Brazil, India
Location Qualey Granite & Quartz
Crema Mara, also known as Juparana Creme Mara, is a pale yellow granite with blue-grey waves. This Brazilian stone's color pallet looks great with stainless appliances.

Yellow River has a vivid wave pattern of golds and greys. Viewing this Brazilian stone up close reveals unique swirls of garnets.

The warm golden tones of Giallita granite perfectly compliment medium to dark wood cabinets.

Juparana Fantastico combines gold and grey elements in a gentle wave pattern.

We've received a new shipment of Yellow River that looks quite different from our previous lot. Slabs like this really illustrate the importance of picking out your actual material and not taking a chance choosing from small color samples.
Color Family Green
Color Name Butterfly, Ubatuba others
Country of Origin Brazil, Norway, Turkey
Location 1506 State St, Bangor, Maine
Butterfly is a jade green stone with white quartz crystals and dark red garnet accents. This entry-priced stone, also called Verde Butterfly or Butterfly Green, is a nice alternative to other green stones like Ubatuba.

Costa Rose, also known as Costa Esmeralda Rosa, is a beautiful pale green granite with soft pink elements. Delicate white veining gives this stone a marble-like appearance.

Striking Emerald Pearl is a granite from Norway. The brilliant iridescence really makes this stone stand out.

Dark Green Peacock granite from Brazil has warm gold tones and subtle iridescence.

Pine Green Granite from Canada is a lighter toned option with a classic pattern.

Brazilian Mabrassa Ubatuba is a deep green and gold granite. The Mabrassa type is the highest grade of this stone. Ubatuba is a perfect choice for economical dark granite countertops.
Color Family Grey and White
Color Name Silver Lace, Majestic White
Material Granite, SENSA Granite
Country of Origin India, Brazil
Location 1506 State St. Veazie/Bangor
Crystal White is an elegant granite from India. This color combines gentle white and grey waves with a sprinkling of ruby-red garnets. This stone is also known as Kashmir White.

Silver Lace is a striking grey, white, and black stone. The unique movement in this granite fits perfectly with a modern kitchen design.

Majestic White Sensa Granite never needs to be sealed! The makers of Silestone have invented a process to make normal granite nonporous. Stop by Qualey Granite for a demonstration of Sensa!
Color Family Marble
Color Name Carrera, Emperador, other
Location 1506 State Street, Bangor, ME
Perfect for a vanity or fireplace surround, marble comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns.

Ming Green is a soft green colored marble with gentle white and gold veining.

The soft grey tones of Salome are transected by brilliant rose and white veins.

Dramatic Verde St. Denis combines a deep green background with myriad white veins.

Used since the time of the ancient Romans, White Carrera marble adds elegance to any room.

Emperador Dark Marble will provide a dramatic splash of color when used in a bathroom or as a fireplace surround.
Color Family Multicolored--NEW!
Color Name Madurai, Magma, others
Country of Origin Brazil, India
Location Qualey Granite & Quartz, Maine
Brazilian Golden Typhoon contains brilliant splashes of crimson, orange, grey, cream, and black.

Breathtaking Hurricane granite is a vibrant mix of copper, grey, and black waves.

Our new Madurai Gold slabs are the most striking we've ever seen. Sometimes spelled Madura Gold, this Indian granite contains rich, warm tones.

Beautiful Mascarello has fantastic smoky quartz and obsidian-like elements in a lovely cream and peach background.
Color Family Quartz--ECO by Cosentino
Color Name Riverbed
Material 75% recycled content
Country of Origin Spain
Location Qualey Granite, Veazie/Bangor
ECO by Cosentino is a durable surface made of 75% recycled content composed of post-industrial and post-consumer materials and is bound by an environmentally friendly resin which comes in part from corn oil. The grey and brown elements of Riverbed make it one of the most versatile colors. Come see samples of all types of ECO in our showroom at 1506 State Street just north of Bangor in Veazie!
Color Family Quartz--Silestone Group A
Color Name Blanco City, Grey Expo
Material Silestone Quartz Surface
Country of Origin Spain
Location Veazie, Maine
Blanco City is a light cream color with a fine grained pattern. This color looks great in both traditional and modern kitchens.

Grey Expo has the look of concrete counters without all of the maintenance problems. Unlike concrete, Silestone does not need to be sealed and will never stain or etch.
Color Family Quartz--Silestone Group B
Color Name Kalahari or Kala Hari
Material Silestone Engineered Stone
Country of Origin Spain
Location 1506 State Street Veazie Maine
Lovely Kalahari Silestone is a light beige with small flecks. This stone will make for a bright and cheery kitchen.
Color Family Quartz--Silestone Group C
Color Name Coffee Brown, Kona Beige
Material Silestone Quartz Surface
Country of Origin Spain
Location 1506 State St, Bangor/Veazie
Coffee Brown is a rich chocolate color containing 35% recycled glass. Earn an extra LEED point on your project with recycled content in your kitchen!

Kona Beige is one of the most popular Silestone colors. Its medium tone and regular pattern complement many different color combinations.
Color Family Quartz--Silestone Group D
Color Name Bamboo, Stellar Night
Material Silestone by Cosentino
Country of Origin Spain
Location Qualey Granite & Quartz Maine
The medium sized particulates and a neutral tones of Bamboo Silestone look great on medium to dark cabinets.

Spectacular Stellar Night sparkles with recycled glass and mirrors. Pictures do not do this material justice--come see the slabs for yourself!
Color Family Quartz--Silestone Group E
Color Name Black Canyon, Sienna, Sierra
Material Silestone Mountain Collection
Country of Origin Spain
Location 1506 State Street, Veazie
The Mountain Series was developed by Silestone to create the most natural looking quartz yet. With the look of granite but the nonporous nature of quartz surface, these lovely colors will never need to be sealed.

Black, tan, and brown elements make Black Canyon Silestone a nice alternative to many of the lighter quartz options.

Itís easy to see why Sienna Ridge is Silestone's top seller--the warm neutral tones and naturalistic pattern complement a variety of styles.

Sierra Madre is a deep brown with black elements. This color contrasts nicely with lighter cabinets.
Color Family Rose and Red
Color Name African Ivory, Creme Bordeaux
Country of Origin Africa, Brazil
Location 1506 State St, Veazie, Maine
Lovely African Ivory is a deep brown and rose colored stone. It's dramatic veining will make this granite the focal point of your kitchen.

Creme Bordeaux is a striking granite from Brazil. The exotic pattern of this stone looks great on a large island or peninsula.

Rainbow, also known as Wild Sea, is a stunning mix of roses, purples, browns, and pale green. This stone was once an ancient beach and the layers of sand are still clearly visible.

Dakota Mahogany Light has the same pattern as the traditional type but is brighter in color. This entry priced stone is a popular alternative to the more pricy but similarly hued Cinnamon Blue.
Color Family Soapstone and Quartzite Onyx
Country of Origin Brazil
Location 1506 State Street Veazie Maine

Our Brazilian Soapstone slabs have the traditional look of this stoneógrey with white veining. When oiled, Soapstone turns black and the veins become more pronounced

Green Soapstone is a deep green with white veining.

Bamboo and Yellow Bamboo are two types of Quartzite Onyx. These stones are truly spectacular with their unique swirling patterns.