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Qualey Granite designs and installs granite, quartz, marble and natural stone countertops, vanities, tub surrounds, hearths, walk ways and walls with one of the largest natural stone inventories Maine.

Video & Media

Below are some of the latest videos we posted. Please take a few minutes to watch them and learn all about us and the technology we use here at Qualey.

SlabSmith Demo

Our Latest Commercial

About Qualey Granite

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The Saw Jet
Qualey Granite's new Northwood SawJet can quickly and precisely miter just about any material. This allows for seam-free outside corners and very contemporary, dropped-edge style front facia.

SlabSmith Digital Imaging System
Watch how our SlabSmith Perfect Match Digital Imaging System lets you view your kitchen before we make a single cut.

Our CNC Machine - Video 1

Our CNC Machine - Video 2

Our CNC Machine - Video 3

Our CNC Machine - Video 4