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Natural Stone

*Granite & Quartz: White & Grey

Amazing Granite & Quartz Project

This amazing remodel in Skowhegan, Maine combines granite and Silestone Quartz surfaces to create a truly one-of-a-kind home! Beautiful Silver Travertine Tile flooring and custom-designed mosaic and porcelain tile make the master bath a real standout!

Granite: Beige

Ornamental or Giallo Ornamental

Ornamental Granite, also called Giallo Ornamental, is a cream-colored stone with dark brown accents. It is a popular choice to brighten a dark kitchen.

Granite: Beige


Veneziano Granite is a Beige stone with black accents from Brazil. Make sure you pick out your actual slabs in person--this color is sometimes prone to discolorations.

Granite: Black

Absolute, Atlantic Black

Black granites look great in a variety of settings.

Granite: Black

Black Galaxy, Galaxy Black

Looking to add a little sparkle to your kitchen? Black Galaxy granite from India has striking copper flecks in a solid black background.

Granite: Black

Honed and Antique Black

Qualey Granite carries a wide variety of non-polished options for counter tops. Some of the most popular are honed or antique black granites.

Granite: Black

Jet Mist Antique

With its traditional appearance, Jet Mist Antique Granite is a popular alternative to less durable slate or soapstone countertops.

Granite: Black, Gold


Magma makes a statement with its striking gold and black striations.

Granite: Black/Green


Amadeus is an exotic stone from Finland with black and green waves and often purple accents.

Granite: Black/Green


Brazilian Ubatuba is one of the most popular dark granites. Ubatuba has a small, tight pattern with warm, gold accents.

Granite: Black/Silver

Nero Impala

Nero Impala is a fine-grained black and silver granite from South Africa.

Granite: Blue

Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl is a stunning granite from Norway with a high degree of iridescence.

Granite: Blue, Silver

Azul Platino

Spanish Azul Platino is a light bluish/grey granite with a regular pattern with hints of sparkle.

Granite: Brown, Black

Cranberry Brown or Tan Brown Cranberry

With its warm reddish brown tones contrasting on a black background, Cranberry Brown is striking against both the dark and light cabinets.

Granite: Brown, Grey

Deer Brown

Deer Brown is a traditional granite from Canada.

Granite: Brown, Grey, Black, White

Deer Isle

Popular Deer Isle granite is one of the only stones currently quarried in Maine. This versatile stone complements a variety of color schemes.

Granite: Ginger

Autumn Leaf/ Golden Peach and Giallo Antico

Autumn Leaf, also known as Golden Peach, is a small-grained, regular pattern granite with ginger and white elements. Giallo Antico has a similar ginger color and grain pattern but substitutes dark grey for the white.

Granite: Gold

Kashmir Gold

Indian Kashmir Gold is a light yellow granite with subtle grey waves.

Granite: Gold

Napoleon, New Venetian Gold

Granite: Gold/Grey

Juparana Gold or Yellow Fantasy

Juparana Gold, also known as Yellow Fantasy, is a striking gold-toned granite with a highly variable grey wave pattern. This stone looks great with a variety of wood tones.

Granite: Green


Butterfly Granite, also known as Verde or Green Butterfly, is a dark green Brazilian stone with white quartz accents.

Granite: Green

Emerald Pearl

Emerald Pearl is a spectacular iridescent green granite from Norway.

Granite: Green

Labradorite Multicolor Antique

The stunning iridescence of Labrador Multicolor Antique makes for a truly magnificent kitchen.

Granite: Green/White/Black

Pine Green Polished & Antique

Canadian Pine Green comes in both polished and antique finishes.

Granite: Grey, White


Monochromatic doesn't have to be boring! Piracema granite is proof of that with its striking wave pattern.

Granite: Multi


Beautiful Bellini is a Brazilian Granite with an intricate, almost scroll-like design. A creamy white background is accented with details of brown, crimson, peach, black, and grey.

Granite: Multi

Madurai Gold

With its multitude of color tones, Madurai Gold looks great with almost any type of cabinet.

Granite: Navy,Brown

Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue, also known as Sapphire Brown, is a popular dark granite from India.

Granite: Peach

Giallo Fiorito & Portofino

Brazilian Fiorito and Portofino Granite both have peach, black elements with a large grain, regular pattern. Portofino also contains crimson elements.

Granite: Rose

Vyara Rosewood

Indian Vyara Rosewood creates a serene feel with gentle waves and soft rose tones.

Granite: Siver, Black

Silver Dragon

Black, Silver, and Gold elements make Silver Dragon a real show-stopper!

Granite: White/Grey

Azul Delicatus

Azul Delicatus is a beautiful stone that will compliment a wide range of cabinet colors.

Granite: White/Grey

Kashmir White

Kashmir White an Indian granite with subtle grey waves and ruby-red garnets.

Granite--Conglomerate: Green, Multi-Colored Stones

Marinace, Jurassic

Stunning Marinace, from Brazil, and Jurassic, from South Africa, are Metamorphic Conglomerates. These ancient riverbeds have multi-colored granites in a green matrix.

Granite/Soapstone/Eco: Multi


The newest trend in kitchen design is using two coordinating surfaces. Qualey Granite's customers mix and match granites, marbles, quartz, and soapstone to create truly unique kitchens!

Marble: Green and Brown

Rainforest Green and Rainforest Brown

Rainforest Green and Rainforest Brown are marbles with an intricate pattern of brown and white veins, resembling a forest canopy.

Marble: White

Bianco Rhino Marble

Although Carrera is the most common white marble, Qualey also carries other varieties such as Bianco Rhino, which has a milky-white appearance.

Marble: White

Carrera Marble

Carrera Marble is a popular choice for classic kitchens and baths!

Marble and Soapstone: White and Black

Marble and Soapstone

Make your kitchen an instant classic with the combination of traditional marble and soapstone!

Slate: Black/Green/Varigated


Slate comes in a variety of colors--not just the traditional black. Make sure you choose North American slate for your counters or sink--Brazilian and Indian varieties can be very high maintenance.