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Natural Stone F.A.Q.

Q: Can I place a hot pan on my countertops straight out of the oven?

A: While granite is unlikely to crack when exposed to high temperatures in the home, we recommend using trivets or coasters to protect your countertops from extreme and concentrated heat.   

Q: How often do I need to seal my countertops?

A: Many granites and other stones are porous, meaning they will readily absorb liquids and spills. When we impregnate the top with a sealer, we fill in those pores with the intention of prohibiting any new moisture from being absorbed. How well this works and how often you will need to be reseal depends on the porosity of the stone.

Most natural stone tops will require sealing about once per year. True igneous stones (dense, black, and extremely hard) may be essentially non-porous and never need to be sealed. On the other hand, feldspar-rich, lighter stones may need reapplications every few months to lessen the appearance of water spots and protect against stains.  
Q: How do I clean my natural stone countertops?

A: For everyday use, you can simply use water and a clean rag or paper towel.  You can also use a 20:1 solution of water and a pH neutral soap, such as original formula Dawn™. Make sure that you rinse the countertop with plenty of plain water after using the soap/water solution.  If you do not remove all of the soap solution, you will get a filmy buildup.  

Q: Can you scratch granite? What about other natural stones?

A: Granite is one of the hardest stones available and is composed of different minerals including quartz and feldspar, as well as other minerals of varying hardness and inclusion. We recommend that you do not cut on granite as it will quickly dull your knives. Diamonds or materials of a like hardness to granite will scratch granite.
Marble and soapstone are softer than granite and therefore more likely to scratch. Many people who choose these stones are less worried about the “lived with” look, but instead appreciate the changes that occur on their tops over time. Something to keep in mind when choosing your tops.

Q: Can you chip or crack granite?

A: Granite will chip only in cases of severe abuse.  In the unlikely event that your granite is chipped, the mark can be filled with a granite dust and epoxy mixture by Qualey Granite.  Granite will not crack with normal use.  

Q: Does granite burn or stain?

A: You can't burn granite with ordinary use.  Most granite is highly resistant to staining.  The only caveat is that a few colors, when left unsealed, may absorb some moisture with prolonged contact.  Usually no evidence remains when the liquid is removed and the granite dries.  Liquid should be blotted, not wiped.   If staining does occur, please contact us for information on the removal of stains.  Nearly all stains are removable either with a poultice or by Qualey Granite