Welcome to Qualey Granite & Quartz.

Qualey Granite F.A.Q.

How can I get a quote from Qualey Granite & Quartz?

As a wholesaler, we can no longer quote the public directly, nor can we share any pricing information. To get a quote you will need to visit one of our retailers who will forward us a rendering of the project layout with dimensions, details, and any material choices that interest you.

Who do you work with?

We work with a variety of professional kitchen and bath designers and design centers across the state of Maine and Northern New England. Please give us a call and we will refer you to the retailers in your area.  

I don’t want to go through a middle man; is there any way I can work with you?

Unfortunately we cannot work directly with the public, independent contractors, or big box stores. You may already have a relationship with one of our retailers from another aspect of your project. Please give us a call to find a retailer in your area.  

Our wholesale status has allowed us to lower our material prices significantly while continuing to offer an extremely wide variety of stone and quartz options suitable for any project.

When should I come to view slabs?

This is a personal decision to be made by you and your designer.  Different projects and materials will require selection at different points in the process.  

You may choose to view slabs early on, before settling on paint colors, flooring, and other options. Or you may want to have everything set, with only the countertops left to find. Or it may simply come down to whenever you can find the time. It’s entirely up to you!   

Please note that all slab viewings in both our Veazie and Portland locations must be scheduled through your designer.

If I fall in love with a slab in your showroom, will you hold it for me?

We will hold slabs up to 48hrs without a contract.

Do you make monuments or any hardscape pieces?

We do not fabricate monuments or provide etching services. We also do not typically fabricate small hardscape pieces, curbs, or garden steps.